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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  May 17, 2019 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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right now a man in custody after a missing teen's body is found. who he is and why police say he was a prime suspect all along. >> this is egregious for the sflims case. we know there's more out there. phony psychologist, she treated hundreds of people unth er own patients figured out she was a fake.ho they caught her in her own lies. change is coming to the s.a.t.s. why students' stores will reflect where they're from and how much money you make. first at 4:30, we're taking you live outside as we get you started. it's going to be a beautiful day. like most fridays, though, you h might want toang on to the epumbrella. kehe little one in your pocket -- >> every single friday we say you might need the umbrella. t's a thing around here. >> yep. good mning, i'm gilchrist.
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>> i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us on as a friday. l as weok ahead to the weekend storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is in with the forecast and we'll check wi melissa mollet for the traffic update. check? >> this will be more hiss and miss as compared to the super soakers we've been dealing with. i think if we get rain today this would make seven fridays in a row with rain if we vify with rain today. there's a leading edge of thunderstorms here rolling into western west virginia. thish first pus of thunderstorm chances is just barely going to miss us to the south and west. that also means that for the southwestern part of the news4 area, south of fauquier county toward orange and culpeper, be on the okout. a little higher chance for the first round of thunderstorms to get you to. that's between now and lunchtime. otherwise, a quiet to the day. partly cloudy, 50s in the suburbs to about 60 downtown in eayside. later in th day, even with the first chance in and out before lunch, later on in the afternoon, there will be an opportunity for more thunderstorms. we're under the slight risk for
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severe weather today from the good folks at the storm prediction center. there's the first chance for rain there. higher chances here in the metro area later on in the day.e' officially wll put a 40% on it, melissa mollet. just know that we may have to go into ather alert mode for our afternoon shows. >> okay. you've warned us. you heard it here first. thank you. frederick, westbound 70 at e street, truck lost a loadf gravel. we have some lanes blocked. you can get by on one side, ut we have gravel across the roadway, just a warning for you. inner loop, outer loop of behe way -- >> uh-huh. >> uh-huh, aaron? between 66 and little river turnpike, right lane is getting by the work zone, a couple on the beltway, but nothing to war best. prince george's county no problems. y and fairfax count the parkway, nine minutes. >> you like that traffic report?
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4:32. new details, a maryland family knows what happened to their 14-year-old daughter who went missing last month. ariana funes-diaz's body was found in a creek this week. police say she was brutally murdered. three teenagers with ties to th- ms gang are charged with beating her to death. the teens allegedly killed her to keep her quiet about a robbery tey took partin. police are still searching for a fourth suspect. a west virginia foam is also morning -- family is also morning the death of the -- a west virginia family is also mourning the death of their daughter. the body found was that of riley crossman. >> the mother's boyfriend was arrested and charged andy mccauley had been a person of interest since day one. crossman vanished last week. yesterday her body was found in a remote area ar north mountain. the sheriff's department says this is not the conclusion they'd hoped for, but they're
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ad the family has some closure. >> really difficult to give the family this news today. they're hurting -- the community's hurting from this event. >> investigators don't have a motive yet for the murder. this morning, the official search for and maryla native living in hawaii is now over with no sign of her. anda eller has been missing since last week. take a look atnc some s pictures showing her stopping by the post office and a market. it was taken last.wednesday eller's white suv was found a week ago at the foot of the maui hiking trail. volunteersre still scouring the forest looking for the university of maryland graduate. police do not suspect foul play. eller's family is from st. mary's unty. they believe she must be injured. sal cled herself a heychologist, and hundreds of people went to for treatment. now, stafford county investigators say it was a ruse, a the fake doctor is in jail. 42-year-old sharonda avery is
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faces several charges including practicing psychology without a license. for about six years, avery worked for a now-defunct practice called pediatric partners for attention and learning. picious patients called police last year when they were having trouble verifying avery's background. the sheriff's office is urging other families who had contact with her to contact them right away. 4: 5 on a friday. in other top stories, montgomery conty police have arrested oscar danila manzano-mora in the murder of edras armando munoz. the two fought outside of a gas station in silver spring last week before the deadly stabbing. pt officer was able to piece together descrins from the stabbing with another case from back in december resulting in this the m accused of randomly killing a jogger in northwest d.c. last fall will be back in court. a judge ruled that anthony trial for murder.tent to snd he had previously been ruled incompetent. police say he stabbed wendy
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martinez to death near logan circle in september. crawford is set to be arraigned in court later today. the secret service and state department special agents removed a group of protesters inside the venezuel bassy in the district. the group is loyal to venezuelan president nicolas maduro. the u.s. recognizes opposition later juan guaido. guaido's government wanted the activists out. the venezuelaned ambassador ask the u.s. to help remove them. take a look at this elamatic cl phone video of the aftermathof a military jet crash in southern california. the f-16st crashed yeerday afternoon across from the marine reserve air base. military officials say the pilot loontrol of the jet and crashed into the warehouse you're looking at here. the pilotve along with fi people on the ground were .injured the area around the crash site is still evacuated until crews can remove the jet. p bably don't have to remind you the colina hurricanes ended the capitals' season. heartbreaker. stanley cup their
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playoff run is over, as well. they were swept by boston in ur games. that means the bruins will compete in the final round of the playoffs against san jose or st. louis. i feel li boston is in the finals all the time. for every sport. annoying. sorry, boston fans. >> it's preakness weekend. how about that? that's what they're doing up in baltimor pimlico expected to be ready despite trouble that shut down all water at the track earlier this week. but who to bet on is a big on this morning. for the first time in more than 20 years, the winner of the kentucky derby will not be competing in this race. ountry horse is out with an injury. maximum security, the horse that crossed the finish line first is before being dqualified isn't running either. 13 other hses are on the rn'ter. >> i dot know which to bet -- you can get a lot of money. f you're not heading to t track, watch the fun on nbc coverage bens at 5 policewom:00
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tomorrow.>> a whole new winner. >> that's right. coming up, molette green has another one-tank trip. >> reporter: where you can go on one tank of gas and re-create history. >> we'll reveal molette's stop >> we'll reveal molette's stop in her series en we continue.wh
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scientists will be the first to tell you family support is so critical when dealing with life-threening illnesses. tonight's heroes know that better than anyone. gavin lindbergh wrote to tell us about the work his wife has been doing to cheer up sick children after they lost stheiron to cancer. but we soon found out that gavin is just as much of a hero as i had wife wendy is. together they created a tat and treasures cart to give sick kids a reason to smile. >> when they see that logo, t know it's break time. it's -- they're ready to have some fun andket to pic out whatever they want. we're not there to check their blood pressure or poke them with a needle. we're there to have fun. the lindberghs are this week's "harris' heroes." you don't want to miss the story coming up tonight at 5:00 p.m. parking meters in montgomery county have been updated. and you'll be paying more to park on the streets of bethesda this summer.
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the county council voted to approve a multibillion dollar budget plan on thursday. it includes raising the cap for fees bethesda $3.25 per hour starting in july. in silver g fees spring and wheaton will stay the same until construction projects in those areasare closer to completion.t, last nigh some of the most buzz-worthy chefs in the district came together to raise money for animals. it was zoofari bite night at the natiolel zoo. peopad a chance to taste gourmet food and wine from some of the best restaurants in the area and vendors, too.v the et which nbc 4 is a sponsor also raises money for work to save endangered species around the world. it's win-win for eryone. and it was faheastic we yep. >> good tradeoff. >> for sure. >> help out the animals. 4:42 right now. chuck, you animal. what? wait a minute. what did i do? >> figured i'd catch you offguard. >> fair enough. i'llnome one something mea to say about aaron later. a slight chance for thunderstorms today. keep a weather eye to the sky in
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your weather app. you're nbc washington app, open to the weather segment there for your interactive radar. headed to the nationals and the cubs game tonight, other than a slight chance for a shower early, it's going to be a gd night fooor
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welcome back at 4:46. this morning president trum is trying to tamp down war with iran. >> there beencredible threats, officials say. craig boswell joins us with more. what's the president saying when it comes to national sec adviser john bolton and hisli hand of the situation?: >> reportergood morning, and good morning, everyone. president trump is pushing back on reports that his national security adviser is pushing him into conflict. nbc news has also confirmed that president trump has talked with acting defense secretary patrick shanahan. he told the acting defense secretary that he does not want to go to war with iran. now all of ticis war rhetor revved up as thedministration cited unspecified intelligence reports that iran is planning
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attacks on forc in the middle east. the u.s. has evacuated its embassy in baghdad.en it has military assets to the region. on capitol hill, lawmakers expressing frustration that they're not in the loop. there ss just yeterday, the first briefing on this for what's called the gang of eight. the four members fom each party includinghe intelligence committee. other membe of congress are saying they're being just kind of ft in the dark. weha now kna briefing for all senators is scheduled for next tuesday. the house will be lter that week. guys, back to you. >> all right. craig boswell on the hill. thanks. fed one robo calls -- f up with robo calls? some lawmakers are, too. now there could be legislatn to help. consumer reporter susan hogan with more on how these bills could help hang up on those annoying calls. >> reporter: when it comes to robo calls, it's unanimous, they're aggravating. robo calls aren't just oyannng,
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they're also costing us billions of dollars. i >> if count the products that came for home repairs and services where they were not legitimate, it probably would run into the hundreds or thousands. >> reporter: in the last 12 months, consumers lost an estimated $10.5 billion to phone scams. >> robo calls have become the scourge for consumers. >> the number now is 47.8 billion calls a year. >> reporter: now congress is looking into legislation that would beef up existing laws and put an end to spoofed calls where scammers match their identity with fake numbers that might look familiar or local. >> the protections in place haven't been done enough to stop robo calls from hounding consumers. the proposal in congressed require companies to implement better technology to help stop the calls. a huge win for consumers.
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>> reporter:until congress comes one a plan, you can actually use your phone carrier'santi-robo call service. you can also sign up for third-party roby call blocking robo call blocking apps. some may charge a fee for that. back to you. 4:49. a student at georgetown yrt -- students at georgitown unive are celebrating graduation this weekend. we're learning details about how the school is dealing with the fallout over the admissions cheating scandal. georgetown expelled two students linked to that scandal. one of them is filed a lawsuit seeking readmission. he said he did not know his father paid $400,000 to georgetown's former tennis coach, gordonto ernst, get special admission. hisplfather ded guilty earlier this month. coming up in the next half hour, we will hear reaction from parents and students. for many students, a good s.a.t. score is a key part of aesting into their dream college, but chang coming. the college board is expanding
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its use of an adversity score to help level the playing field. the score is one through 100. calculated using 15 factors including the crime rate and poverty level of the student's neighborhood. the college board says race is not factored into the adversity score. one high school principal says the score helps colleges gain a full understanding of a student. >> when we talk about an adversity score, to me wat that means is that colleges will have an opportunity to get a full scope of under anding about what a kid can bring to their college campus. and what i've come to know is that oftentimes heit's t qualities that are not a rt of the application process that oft ftimes 3d success young people -- lead to success for young people. >> 50 colleges used the score last year during a trial period. the college board plan to expand to 150 universies this fall. gabe gutierrez will have more coming up on "today."
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think college admissions is tricky. to understand the potential of a student you ve to take in so many factors, grades, test scores, figure out if this is the next great adventurer or problem solver -- >> remember when thk were taling about getting rid of essay there's val in seeing what they could bring to the table. weather day at nats park wag a bihit. >> storm team 4 and telemundoet meorologists were all over the ballpark yesterday. chuck, samarra, cl -- >> a lot. >> they were there to help the kids understand weather in our area. this is doug, you see him there. not bad. >> showing off his skills. threw out the first pitch to make the day even more perfect, the natsn wo. >> that looked low andutside to me. most important -- i was teasing him, don't one hop. it the pressure's on.t hey did move the mound a little
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oser. >> i would have to go alfway to home plate. >> as long as i can throw it underhanded, i'd do a good job. itis tgif dayaround here. yes, indeed. though we have a cnce for rain over the next couple of days, each and every day has at least a chance. i don't think that rain is going to be a huge impact on a lot of ur outdoor activities. weep an eye on the sky later today. tomorrow i'm not worried at all. sunday's rain chance is itty bitty, especially compared to how many rainy sundays we've had past.cent your planner for today, most of the suburbs are in the 50s. it's 61 in washington. in the upper 50s andost of the suburbs, sun's up a 5:54. we will see a building up of clouds and a likelihood of some showers and storms around here later into the afternoon and evening. we'll keep you posted. some could get rambunctious. 56 in martinsburg, 55 in
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montgomery county, 58 in stafford. the school day forecast, watch out for after-school thunderstorms today for sure. here's the leading edge. them coming down out of parts of southeastern ohio into western west virginia. this cluster of storms is going to go just down to our south.ou ifre traveling today, down south of culpeper, charlottesville, rihmond, that could be a higher chance of storms today. here's the ten-day forecast. only an fitty-bitty chance rain tomorrow, high, 85. closing in on 90 sunday. only a slight chance for a at day shower. more likelihood for rain on your monday. quiet weather tuesdn, wedday, then as we run into memorial day weekend, it's going to start feeling like summertime. >> i like it. thank you. frederick, westbound 70 near e street, truck lost a load of . grave we still have a little delay because of this. crews are cleaning up northbound, southbound on 270, don't have any issues right now. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway looking good. , but le bit of roadwo nothing to worry you about.
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and 66 and 95 also rollinglong nicely. more coming up. thank you. >> historic sites, plenty of a vineyards,nd all the fresh ice cream you can distance. this is my kind of trip. >> a good day. >> yes. that is what you'll experience if you follow our molette green nk trip.ext one-t >> she's sharing the sights and sounds and stories of fauquier county. >> reporter: main street in warrenton is a windows into history. just look along the historic district. we foundone of a kind hometown favorites. shops and eateries that lined the stre including one with a big red truck that's well known for baked goods, cookies, and pies. >> i am the mayor of this town. >> reporter: warrenton's mayor brings his dogs, rosie and whiskey, to work at his jewelry store.
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>> it's the first breath of fresh air you get after you leave the bustle of the city and the congen of northern virginia. >> reporter: historic memories are etched in stone, including a 1909ti presid one-thank trip to the former warren green hotel where the duchess checked in. i'm re-creating here, leaning over what was once the warren green hotel. in 1909, january 13th was the p date,sident roosevelt came here for his first one-tank trip to fauquier county. >> in this town, actually the unty, it goes back to slavery. >> reporter: sheri carter is deeply rooted. her mother, eva walker, a new york world fair model, helped integrate this year. >> my mother was instrumental in the desegregation of this county, along with a lot of other peopl but that's how we grew up.ep
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>>rter: now there's a park named in walker's ormemy. sheri sells s allorts of stuffer out of her main street store, once the town drug store. >> so one tans,of ga you get a lot of history in this town. little bit of everything. [ bell ] >> and molette will beive in fauquier county coming up in our next hour. she'll join us from a treasured ice cream shop in the area as to the latest sp for one-tank trip. still ahead o "news4 today," why the timing of weight loss surgery may make it more effective. plus, frame your favorite memories without breaking the bank. i'm taking you inside the new local company promising to helph you do just . stay with us. ♪
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happening now on "news4 tay," hard landing. a military plane crashes through the roof of an l.a. warehouse aile people were insi. a rough comboportions of metro prepare for a summer shutdown. local bus driver consider going strike. m a lot ofoney. >> a lot of money. >> revolutionizing the frame game. i'm taking you inside a new company here in d.c. that's offering a cheaper, faster way to display your favorite memories.
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just about 5:00 a.m. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's begin with a look at your forecast and your commute. melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic. >> wwi begin storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. he's got the maps fired up this morning. what are you looking at? >> we're watching for a chance of thunderstorms. not only this morning but again later on in the afternoon. so not declaring a steamtorium weather alert just yet, but just know that we may have to go into weather alert mode later in the day today. already an impressive clustf thunderstorms rolling into western west virginia. the direction on the first cluster should carry it down to our south and west. however, as oftentimes happens when the storm clusters guy bow, it leaves outflow boundaries. boundaries of different air masses. those oftentimes end up being the focus for later thunderstorm ances. nice and mild


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